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Monday, June 5, 2017

Fly Over Jupiter in NASA's Juno Spacecraft


NASA’s Juno Spacecraft is investigating Jupiter in a series of 37 orbits, and though images, data, and samples, these remarkable flybys have revealed some very cool things: 900 mile wide cyclones at the planet’s poles, an interior core that “appears bigger than expected“, and a magnetic field that’s ten times stronger than Earth’s… that’s two times more powerful than predicted. Plus, there’s more data to come. From The New York Times:

Juno takes 53 days to loop around Jupiter in a highly elliptical orbit, but most of the data gathering occurs in two-hour bursts when it accelerates to 129,000 miles an hour and dives to within about 2,600 miles of the cloud tops. The spacecraft’s instruments peer far beneath, giving glimpses of the inside of the planet, the solar system’s largest.

Seán Doran and Gerald Eichstädt are enhancing NASA’s Juno images to create animated simulations of the flybys, set to music by György Ligeti.

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