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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Story of Farmer Bob and Farmer Jim

Farmer Bob and Farmer Jim were having an ongoing feud. They were both cattle farmers, but Jim's herd was much larger and fatter, and his meat went for much more money.

So Bob started looking for a way to bulk up his cows. He started experimenting with various methods of enhancing his cattle. After several unsuccessful attempts, he discovered that feeding them marijuana made them grow exponentially, while at the same time, making them more docile and hungrier.

Hearing of his rival’s success, Jim immediately went to the police and disclosed to them Bob's revolutionary (but illegal) new method.

While standing trial, Bob explained to the judge that the beef from his weed-enhanced cows was the most delicious meat in the world.

The judge, liking red meat as much as the next guy, demanded to taste it. So Bob slaughtered a steer and grilled up a cut for the judge. Upon tasting it, the judge immediately found Bob not guilty.

Later, at a barbecue to celebrate his victory, Bob and the judge were discussing his trial. The judge said, "I've presided over thousands of really stressful trials, but in your case, the steaks have never been higher!"

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