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The Girl You Like


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Website Wednesday 14.39

"From the Large Intestine of the Internets,
through the Sphincter of Electronic Mail..."

            My cover of "You Shook Me
            All Night Long” is so badass,
            you'd *swear* the song was
            written for the ukulele.

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Halloween Costume Ideas

Okay, little ducks... it's finally October (best month of the year, I might add), and it's officially Halloween Season (unless you're a large retail chain, in which case it's been Halloween Season since July).

In case you haven't already picked out your costume for this year, here are a few creative ideas...

A couple of extras...

And finally... one of my faves...



Tuesday, September 30, 2014

American Sex Ed


One day, at the saloon...

A cowboy rides in to town on his horse and ropes it in front of a saloon. After a few hours of drinking he walks out and finds that his horse is missing. The cowboy turns around and bursts back inside. Seeing the cowboy pissed as hell, the place goes quiet.

The cowboy looks around and with a deadly calm says, "I'm going to count to three. If I get to three, I'm going to do what I did in the Winter of 76'."

The whole bar freezes in terror at the cowboy.


No one moves a muscle.


Everyone's extremely nervous at this point.


All of a sudden someone in the back stands up and says, "Hold on buddy! It was just a joke! your horse is in the back alley!"

The cowboy nods, then turns to leave the saloon. The same guy who stood up calls out, "Hey! I just gotta know, what happened in the Winter of '76???"

The cowboy turns around and says, "I had to walk home."


Worst. Slide. EVER.


How you know your ghetto town is gonna STAY ghetto for years to come...