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Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Bull Story

Two sisters are trying to start a farm. They have exactly $600 to spend, and they find a prized bull in the classifieds. The first sister leaves to check it out and tells the other that she’ll contact her to come haul the bull back to the farm if she decides to buy it.

After checking out the bull, she decides to buy it. The farmer tells her that the bull will cost exactly $599, absolutely no less. So she buys the bull and heads to town to contact her sister. The only person she can find to help her is an old-time telegraph operator.

The operator tells her, "It costs 99 cents per word, what would you like to send?"

She replies, "Well I only have $1 left." She thinks for a while and tells the operator she wants to send the word “comfortable.”

The operator asks "How will she know you bought the bull and want her to bring the haul from the word comfortable?"

The sister replies, "She's a blonde. She’ll read it slowly.”

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