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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Website Wednesday 17.31

Website Wednesday
a subsidiary of Skip's House of Chaos
(The 234,453rd Most Interesting Man in the World)

"From the Large Intestine of the Internets,

through the Sphincter of Electronic Mail,
peeing like a baby on a changing table
into the brisk digital wind..."  

                    If you'd like to read along in
                    the Gospel according to Shrek,
                    please open your bibles to Psalm
                    BODY ONCE TOLD ME

Top of the heap: Okay, THESE are funny! - Correct names for things

10 Unusual Uses For Pencils

The Truth About Pigs

18 Foods That You Should Eat When You Can't Eat

5 Lessons Most People Learn Way Too Late in Life

The Best and Worst Ben & Jerry's Flavors, Ranked

30 Weirdly Fascinating Health & Body Facts

NASA: Unsafe solar glasses being distributed (Oh, great.)

27 Facts About Left-Handed People (28, if you include that they don't have souls)

This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Drink a Gallon of Water a Day

This is the Easiest Way to Escape a Sinking Vehicle

30 Weirdly Fascinating Health and Body Facts

Five of the Sickest Camouflage Moments in Movies

Wedding DJs Describe the Worst Speeches They've Ever Heard

5 Sequels That Introduce Huge Plotholes To The Originals

Love you, mean it. Let's do lunch. Have your people call my people. Ciao, bella.
- Skip

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