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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A local farmer was being interviewed

Interviewer: How much milk do these cows give?

Farmer: Which one? The Black one or the brown one? 

Interviewer: Ummm, the brown one. 

Farmer: A couple of quarts per day. 

Interviewer: And the black one? 

Farmer: A couple of quarts per day. 

Interviewer (who, by this time, is naturally a bit flummoxed): I see. What do you give them to eat? 

Farmer: Which one? Black or brown? 

Interviewer: Black. 

Farmer: It eats grass. 

Interviewer: And the other one? 

Farmer: Grass. 

Interviewer(now annoyed) : Why do you keep asking which one when the answers are the same?! 

Farmer: Because the black one’s mine. 

Interviewer: Oh, and the brown one? 

Farmer: It’s also mine.

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