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Thursday, January 7, 2016

One day, in the brothel...

A woman is managing a house of ill-repute when she sees a new john come in. So she sends over her newest, most inexperienced girl. The madame watches as she sits on his lap and flirts a bit. Then the guy whispers something in her ear. She looks horrified and yells, "Oh, I’d NEVER do that!" and she runs away.

The madame thinks, “Okay, maybe this guy is a little kinky…”, so she sends over one of her more experienced ladies. She goes up to him, sits on his lap, and again he whispers something in her ear. She immediately jumps up and shouts, "That’s DISGUSTING!" and then storms off.

At this point, the madame is thinking, “Okay, this guy must be a REAL freak.” So she sends in Ol’ Bertha, her skankiest gal. This woman has seen and done every freaky sex act in the book. Ol’ Bertha walks over to the guy and sits on his lap. True to form, he whispers in her ear, which immediately provokes her to stand up, slap him across the face, and then hurry away.

The madame can't stand it anymore. She goes up to the guy and demands, "What the hell have you been whispering in my girls' ears?!"

He replies sheepishly, "Sorry, eh? I just wanted to know if I could pay in Canadian dollars."

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