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Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day Drinking Game

Okay, Little Ducks - here's the Rules:

-If Trump talks about "unity" and/or promises to be a president for all Americans, drink.

-If Trump says "build the wall," drink a shot of tequila and make Mexico pay for it.

-If Trump calls anyone a loser, a failure, a pile of garbage, crooked, lying, low-energy or sad!, drink.

-If outgoing Vice President Joe Biden plays air guitar during any of the performances, drink.

-If Trump addresses outgoing President Barack Obama with a "You're fired," drink.

-If Chief Justice John Roberts flubs the oath -- again -- drink.

-If anyone says the phrase "fake news," drink.

-If Trump mentions Vladimir Putin, drink Russian vodka.

-If Hillary Clinton is caught rolling her eyes on camera, drink.

-If Barron looks bored, drink.

-If Trump forgets to thank his daughter Tiffany with all his other kids, drink.

-When the Rockettes launch into the high-kicks, drink.

-If anyone mentions the FBI, drink.

-If Trump wine and taco bowls are on the Inaugural Ball menu, drink.

-Take a drink for each of the four "ruffles and flourishes" that precede the playing of "Hail to the Chief."

-If Trump adds "and also make America great again" to the end of his oath, finish your drink.

-If Trump points out how big his hands look while on the Bible or raised for the oath, chug.

-In honor of the peaceful transfer of democratic power, drink some water take a couple of aspirin and sleep it off.


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