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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Ruminations on the Dawn of the New Year

Well, 2016 is finally over. I've seen a lot of messages (mostly on Facebook, and I plead guilty to that, as well) about how 2016 sucked, how it was the craziest year ever, and how 2017 HAS to be better... 

At the risk of sounding somewhat philosophical and preachy - guess what, troops?  Whether this next year soars or sucks depends, in large part, on you and how you deal with what happens.

I had an old boss years ago who had all these pithy sayings (in fact, I'm writing a book about this guy, based on them). One of my favorites was, 

"Everybody's got to be somewhere.
Might as well be here."    

Good advice, Ed.  

To all my family, friends, readers, subscribers, acquaintances, associates, neighbors, lovers and haters - may 2017 be a wonderful and prosperous year for you, filled with laughter and love!

(Well, most of you.  Some of you are irredeemable assholes, and you can suck it)

Happy New Year, everybody!

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