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Saturday, December 26, 2015

You Know You’re a Scuba Diver When…

~You correct non-divers for saying when scuba divers breathe oxygen instead of air.

~You pay your neighbors in abalone for dogsitting.

~Your cubicle looks like an aquarium.

~More than half of your conversations begin with "How's the viz?"

~You stagger into work an hour late on Monday morning, no one things you were out drinking, but instead asks if you have any dive pictures.

~You're determining whether you can afford to go with the Ikelite DS-125 strobe if you apply to a couple fewer medical schools.

~You had gear insurance before you had health insurance.

~You refer to your time at work as "offgassing" between dives.

~The dive shop owners, motel workers, and waitresses in a city three and a half hours away know you better than your boss does.

~You're nicer to people who cut you off in traffic because they have a dive flag sticker.

~You get into more arguments about the genus of a mystery nudibranch than you do about politics.

~You constantly dream of moving to the tropics.

~You are introduced to new people as, "This is _____. He's a scuba diver."

~You have more C-cards than credit cards.

~Someone says, "Want to see some Nudi pictures?" and you expect them to be brightly colored sea slugs of various genus.

~One of the primary considerations of which new car to buy is how much dive gear it will hold.

~You compare everything to the price of dive gear to determine if it's expensive.

~You have at least one dive flag sticker on your car.

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