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Saturday, March 5, 2016

How Many Trump Supporters Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

"Look, we can change the light bulb. That I will tell you. We're changing it, okay? And I understand what you're saying, I hear it all the time. People call me and say 'Is the light bulb really dead?'. That’s what they are asking me; it's unbelievable. The light bulb is in big trouble, that I can tell you. But we are going to change it. You know, I don't get as much credit for this as I should - And I mean this - Years ago - YEARS ago! I said 'We need to change this light bulb!' And now it's out! I couldn't have been more right, folks. And we will replace this bulb with the best bulb. The most bright, whitest light bulb you have seen. Oh, and we'll get the best - I know the best people, who are gonna screw this thing in. And then it's gonna be so bright, let me tell you, and people are gonna come from all around and go, 'Oooh!' And they're going to say that it's the best light bulb they've ever seen - and I'm telling you right now, Mexico is going to be paying the electricity bill - I'm gonna make ‘em. Look at Rubio... that lightweight... all he uses are fluorescents. Well, not with President Trump...we're going to use energy burning incandescent light will be 1000 watts of pure light. It'll be do you think I have such great skin tone? My penis is bigger than Rubio’s. That much is for sure."


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