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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Here's something I betcha didn't know about chopsticks...

If you’re a fan of Chinese and Japanese take-out meals, you may have used chopsticks several times. If you’re dining at some fancy Asian restaurants, you may have been given a pair of non-disposable chopsticks.

But most of us who have used the disposable ones are familiar with that little tab at the end of the chopsticks.

We usually break the sticks apart, coupled with rubbing them together to remove any loose splinters, and proceed to chow down the delectable sushi or that sumptuous dumpling you ordered from the local Chinese restaurant. But what if you’ve been wrong all your life and just now learned that there’s actually a purpose for that little tab there?

That little tab wasn’t placed there to keep those sticks together. The chopsticks are not meant to be broken apart just yet without doing this first, important (clever) step.

Refer to the image below and let your mind be blown away…

(Thanks, Scotty!)

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