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Friday, April 1, 2016

One day, on April Fool's...

As we all know, April 1st is that day we traditionally play practical jokes on each other.

In one particular town it is the custom for such jokes to end at Noon.

Last April 1st, John and Big Hoss (two rookie policemen) were patrolling the downtown business area. They decided to stop at the local coffee shop for a coffee and a donut. The time was 11:55 AM.

Three minutes later, they got a call on their police radio, "Code-33 in process: man in bank dressed as a banana."

Well, there was only one bank in town; in fact, it was just across from the coffee shop. And a Code-33 was an "armed robbery", but it was also just 11:58 AM.  John and Big Hoss decided it was the dispatcher playing a joke on them.

They continued enjoying their coffee break.

At 12:01 PM, they got a second call on their radio, "Repeat, Urgent, 33 in process: man in bank dressed as a banana."

Realizing it was past noon, they rushed across the street, but unfortunately, arrived 30 seconds after the banana split.


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