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Friday, July 15, 2016

More Trivial Crap

Among army ants, the commanding general is always female.

More men than women use deodorant.

Q. What sort of plaything is in the most homes worldwide?
A. Crayons.

Having no thumb, a baby elephant sucks its trunk.

A barnacle lives all its life upside down.

Know what a gorilla does to show anger?    Curls its fingers.

Mice can't stand the smell of fresh peppermint.

As well as pilgrims, the Mayflower also hauled slaves.

Speaking of Pilgrims, no Pilgrim could wear that “Pilgrim's hat” -- wide brim, high crown – unless he owned property worth at least 200 pounds.

X-ray a live snake and you'll kill it.

Elephants can uncork champagne bottles with their trunks.

If it's not wet, a fly can't eat it.

A grasshopper's eggs won't hatch unless they've been frozen.

There’s a kind of shrimp with eyes in its tail, so predators have to sneak up in front of it.

I suppose you probably knew this, but the female bird only has one ovary.

Surgeons use the blunt end of the scalpel more than the sharp end.

Chinese chopsticks are bigger than Japanese chopsticks.

A penguin can swim (a lot) faster than a salmon.

Men walk from the knee.  Women walk from the hip.

Sprinkle salt on a garden slug and it will dissolve.  (Not the salt.  The slug.)

Tumbleweeds don't grow on uncultivated land.

Know why you can never find a belly button on a cat or a dog?
      The cord is bitten, not tied off.   Cool, huh?

Guinea pigs don't sweat.

Both Thomas Edison and A. Conan Doyle seriously experimented with devices they thought might let them talk to the dead. 

About 150 skiers die in avalanches each year.  Most set off avalanches themselves.

Egyptians as far back as 2500 B.C. did surgical operations.

Berthed ships make groaning whining noises -- rubbing of wood against wood -- heard nowhere but along the waterfront.  If you've lived around those sounds, the memory of them never goes away.  It's said seafarers and longshoremen hear them in their sleep until they die.

When telling a lie, a person's voice tends to rise. That's one of the things those voice print experts look for.

Shortbread isn't a bread. It's a thick cookie.  But you probably knew that.

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