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Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Paint Job

A spaced out guy decides to visit his neighbor in the apartment below him and share a joint (or two). While high as a kite, he asks his neighbor: “Dude! I love the paint job you did. I’m gonna paint MY apartment, too! Since my apartment is identical in size to yours, how much paint did you buy to paint this place?

The neighbor says, “Around 25 gallons.”

“Coooooool. I'm gonna go buy me some PAINT!”

Two weeks later he revisits his neighbor for another sesh, and asks his neighbor: “Hey, remember you told me you bought 25 gallons of paint for your place? Well, I bought 25 gallons, then painted my apartment, but was left with a shitload of paint! I painted the house three times and still had 18 gallons left over!”

The neighbor, all spaced out replies, Really? No shit, dude! That's the exact same amount I had left over, too!”

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