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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Generic Joke

Four men walk into a <social establishment>. Inside the <social establishment>, they have a conversation about <topic>. Eventually one of them leaves the group and goes to the bathroom. After he left, the conversation shifts from <topic> to the well-being of their sons.

The first one says, "my son is very successful. He is a <reputable career #1>. This <holiday> he gave his best friend <indicator of wealth #1>."

"My son is also very successful" the second man adds to the conversation, "he works as a <reputable career #2>. This <holiday> he gave his best friend <indicator of wealth #2>."

The third man interjects, "that's nice. My son is very successful too. He is a <reputable career #3>. He just gave his best friend <indicator of wealth #3> during <holiday>."

At that moment, the fourth guy returns to the group. "What are you guys talking about?" he asks.

"We are bragging about how great our sons are," one of them says, "how successful is your son?"

"Oh he's an unemployed homosexual," the fourth guy responded.

"Oh that's unfortunate."

"Not really," the guy says, "he has three boyfriends and during <holiday> they gave him <indicator of wealth #1>, <indicator of wealth #2>, and <indicator of wealth #3>."

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