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Sunday, February 12, 2017

One day, at the horse ranch...

A man spends a fortune on a horse that is supposed to be an amazing stallion. He is told the horse will impregnate 20-30 female horses every day.

He brings the horse to his farm, but the horse is not doing anything, just sleeping and eating grass all day.

Some time after that he meets with an old friend, and explains the story. The friend replies: “Listen, the  exact same thing happened to me! I bought a horse that was supposed to be this incredible stallion, but he wouldn’t do anything. So I ended up buying this amazing syrup drug that he’s now drinking every day, and from that day on he's been impregnating 20-30 females a day!

So the guy says, “That's great! Do you happen to remember the name of this miracle syrup drug?”

To which his friend answers, 

“Sorry, I don’t. ...but it has kind of a minty taste…”

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