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Friday, February 10, 2017

The Interrupting Cow

I was talking with a group of friends.

"Yeah, I'll never forget the time we took this trip to Del Rio, Texas...", when my wife chimed in with, "Oh, no sweetie. It wasn't Del Rio, it was Galveston. Don't you remember? We stopped at that nice bed and breakfast?"

"Galveston? Really? Okay, well, it doesn't matter. Anyway, we took this trip to Galveston and we were driving our old Buick..."

She piped up again. "Darling, no. Don't you remember? It wasn't the Buick - we took the Bronco! Remember? You spilled your coffee on the seats?"

"Was it? I thought it was... okay, again, it doesn't matter. So, okay, we took the Bronco to Galveston. And on the way, we stopped at this Cracker Barrel restaurant..."

"Sweetheart," she interrupted again, "Oh, your memory is so bad! It wasn't a Cracker Barrel. It was a Denny's!"

I'd finally had enough. I turned to her and I said, "Woman, that is the last time you're going to bust in to my story and correct me. I am the MAN of the family, and what I say is LAW! If you interrupt me just one more time, I'm going to smack you into tomorrow!"

You know, I didn't see that woman again for five days. For five days I didn't see that woman.

On the sixth day, I could see her a little bit out of my left eye...

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