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Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday Mind Game

The Remote Associates Test, or RAT, is a word puzzle that requires the solver to link three different words using a fourth. 

For example: What do words “top,” “multiplication,” and “dinner” have in common? “Table.” (As in, tabletop, multiplication table, dinner table.) 

What about “silly,” “theory,” and “ham”? Answer: “String” (like silly string, string theory, and hamstring).

So, with that in mind...

What word connects these groups of three?

  1) crab, sauce, tree
  2) stone, ice, head
  3) head, book, tree
  4) tissue, top, shoe
  5) rock, nail, time
  6) grab, shoulder, paper
  7) carrier, box, chain
  8) wrist, dog, man
  9) walk, wedding, pan
10) fiber, wine, ceiling
11) shake, made, second
12) surf, school, room
13) feed, silver, table
14) hair, fire, stroke
15) cup, party, green

Give up?
Thought you would.

Drag your cursor between the asterisks for the answer:


  1) apple
  2) cold
  3) phone
  4) box
  5) bed
  6) bag
  7) mail
  8) watch
  9) cake
10) glass
11) hand
12) board
13) spoon
14) brush
15) tea


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