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Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday Mind Game

Armed robbers invaded a bank. They were busy looting when suddenly a phone rang. The phone happened to be at the reception. One of the robber asked the receptionist to attend the call and talk without giving away the situation. The call happened to be from her mother. She said, 'Do you have an emergency, mom? Can you give me a call when I get home, I could really use your help in buying new curtains?' Then she hangs up.

The robbers are busy when the police arrives suddenly along with the mother of the receptionist. How did she know about the robbery?

Give up?
(I thought you would. Weenie.)

Drag your cursor between the asterisks for the answer:


The receptionist was pretty clever she played with the mute button of the phone while talking with her mother. She muted everything except the word emergency, call and help. So while talking, she sounded like,

 "Emergency… Call… Help" 

to her mother who then called the police.


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