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Friday, March 3, 2017

One day, in Spain...

A man is visiting Spain and decides to eat in a local restaurant. He sees a delicious-looking meal being served next table. Puzzled, he asks the waiter, "What are they having? It smells great even from here!"

"That's our specialty here, Señor.” the waiter replies. They are the testicles of the bull from the bullfight this morning,"

The man, wanting to make the most of his vacation by trying out exotic cuisines, says, "I'd get that as well. Thanks."

"I'm very sorry, Señor, but the bullfight happens only once a day. If you'd like, since you are our honored guest, I'll ask our owner to save tomorrow's meal for you."

The man comes back the next day and true enough, he gets to eat the specialty. The waiter asks him, "What can you say about the meal, Señor?"

The guest replies, "If I could, I'd come back every day to eat this! I even posted a photo of it on Instagram, and my friends are very envious of my food. I just have one question, though. Why do the testicles seem a lot smaller than yesterday's?"

The waiter proudly announces, "Oh, Señor, on some days, the bull wins the fight!"

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