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Friday, December 30, 2016

Bald is, indeed, beautiful.

God gave every man just so much testosterone.

Some of them waste theirs on growing hair.

Long before I, myself, became bald as an eagle, I knew this OTHER bald guy who, unfortunately, used to be very self-conscious about it. This dude tried everything to feel better: hair-transplants, wigs, always wearing a hat. You name it, he tried it. But nothing seemed to help him cover up the fact that he was, indeed, bald.

But the last time I saw him he was happy and wasn't trying to hide his baldness whatsoever. However... he had tattooed a bunch of bunny rabbits on his scalp. 

Curious, I asked him, I said, "Jimmy me lad, why have you tattooed a bunch of bunny rabbits on you head?" And he says to me, he says, "Ah, you got a good eye there, Skipper! You can see that they are, indeed, bunny rabbits. But most people don't know the difference, so they'd say they look like hares."

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