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Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Mind Game - the Supersonic Bee

Two trains under a controlled experiment begin at a speed of 100 mph in the opposite direction in a tunnel. A supersonic bee is left in the tunnel which can fly at a speed of 1000 mph. The tunnel is 200 miles long. When the trains start running on a constant speed of 100 mph, the supersonic bee starts flying from one train towards the other. As soon as the bee reaches the second train, it starts flying back towards the first train.

If the bee keeps flying to and fro in the tunnel till the trains collide, how much distance will it have covered in total?

Give up?

Drag your cursor between the asterisks for the answer


A typical way will be to start thinking about summing up the distance that the bee will travel but that will be quite a tedious task. How about we offer you a much easy solution?

The tunnel is 200 miles long and the trains are running at a speed of 100 mph, which means that they will collide exactly at the center of the tunnel and will collide after one hour.

Now consider the bee which is flying at a speed of 1000 mph and will keep flying till the trains collide. As calculated, it will keep flying for an hour which means the distance that it will cover is 1000 miles.


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