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Monday, December 26, 2016

Monday Mind Game

Two brothers have developed differences among themselves and thus want to part ways. The problem is that they have one big land that is irregular in shape. Both of them want an equal share which is fairly impossible as there is no way that land could be divided in equal halves due to irregularity in the shape.

The wisest man of the village is called who tells a way in which both of them will be happy even though the land might not be divided into exactly equal halves.

What way did he suggest?

Give up?

Drag your cursor between the asterisks for the answer:


He simply suggested that one of the brothers will be allowed to divide the land but he must take into consideration that it will be the other one who will have a choice of selecting his land between the two halves first.

Thus both will be happy in such manner.

I used this exact same tactic when my kids were little and they needed to split one candy bar between them.


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