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Saturday, May 1, 2021

One day, at the Marching Contest...

Three countries were having a marching contest. America, Spain and Russia. They had 3 weeks to prepare.

The Russian soldiers' marching was perfect. They were all in time, with great rhythm.

The American soldiers were also close to immaculate.

But, the Spanish soldiers were a mess. They couldn't get the timing right and managed to somehow fall over continuously.

The day came for the marching contest. Russia and America were the 2 countries that were most likely going to win, while Spain had no hope. The first competitor was Russia. They marched perfectly, just how they did in practice. A score of 9. America was the same, but a few mistakes. A score of 8.

Now came Spain's turn. Then suddenly, it was as if they had been practicing for years. It was perfect, as if they were robots. Each footstep was at the exact same time as the others. Their body movement was amazing to watch. A score of 10.

After the contest the American and Russian marching leaders asked the leader of the team from Spain how they did it.

He replied: 

"Well, nobody expects the Spanish in position!"

(I'll show myself out)

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