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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Thinking about buying a boat?

The two best days of a boat owner's life:
          (1) The day he buys it.
          (2) The day he sells it.

boat [boht] (n)
1. a vessel for transport by water, constructed to provide buoyancy by excluding water and shaped to give stability and permit propulsion.

2. a small ship, generally for specialized use     a fishing boat.

3. a small vessel carried for use by a large one, as a lifeboat:

4. a hole in the water into which you pour your money

BOAT = Bust Out Another Thousand
         = Broken Often And Towed
         = Big Outrageous Annual Taxes
         = Boy's Other Asinine Temptation

How some misguided people like their steak...

"I've seen cows burned worse than that that survived!"
"When you bite into it, it has a muscle spasm"
"Just turn the cow loose and I'll tear off a hunk as he goes by."
"A good vet could still save it"
"I want it grazing on my salad"
"Just bring me a live cow. I'll carve off what I want and ride the rest home"

Wait... what?


I'll just leave this here



He's got a point...