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Monday, December 31, 2018

Here we go!

60 Seconds Left - New Year Movie Countdown

2018 wasn't ALL bad. Here's some good stuff that happened

(A whole bunch more here)

Every fitness center today

Happy Monday. Little Ducks!

Happy New Year's Eve, Little Ducks!

It's finally New Year's Eve, Little Ducks. The last day of 2018. Hopefully, your celebration this evening will be fun, festive, and safe. 

On the OTHER hand, if you wake up tomorrow wondering where all that pounding in your head is coming from, here are some helpful tips to remind you:


The gardener doesn't bother to wake you

You moisturize your face ... with toilet water

You're trying to be a bicycle

You've been coned off

You're David Hasselhoff

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And, just in case:

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