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Monday, February 15, 2021

Beach Ball Reviews


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  1. AWESOME! We could turn three or four of them loose inside the House, and Senate, where-in the ever present Moronic political hot air bloviations would rattle these things around. Thereby, destroying congress, and solving most of the world's problems... Slap a couple of those UNITE, COEXIST, SAVE THE PLANET, FREE TIBET, I'm A VEGAN, LGBTQ-MOUSE, and WE LOVE BERNIE Bumper stickers on them to cover our tracks, and derail the inevitable investigation. This debatably seditious thought, would send those crackerjack Eff Bee Eye guys off on the wrong track. It might take decades of meticulous investigations, tens of thousands of subpoenas, and hearings up the wazoo, at an astronomical budgetary expense before they realize/surmise/conclude that it was an ill-fated attack by psychotic Bhutanese Pygmies looking to overthrow the world because of an imagined Butt-hurt over something that President Donald TRUMP had said at a Peaceful Patriotic Political Rally at the Eclipse, on The Second Day the Music Died...