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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Website Wednesday 19.24

Website Wednesday
a subsidiary ofSkip's House of Chaos
(The 234,453rd Most Interesting Man in the World)

"From the Large Intestine of the Internets,

through the Sphincter of Electronic Mail, 
peeing like a baby on a changing table
into the brisk digital wind..." 

                    These GPA-looking gas prices are too high.
                    $3.89 a gallon is Summa Cum Laude gas.
                    I need me some Academic Probation gas.
Top of the heap:  The Winners of the National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

TimeMagazine's Most Influential People of 2019

Meet the Only Fish Who Should Eat Plastic

The Best Road Trips in North America

Katz's Deli is holding a Fake Orgasm Contest (In honor of the 30th Anniversary of"When Harry Met Sally")

Y'ever why all FM radio station frequencies end in an odd number

Inventor Creates Periscope Glasses For Short People

Fart Management

Feel Good Stories From Trump's America

Bahrain underwater theme park (featuring a sunken Boeing 747)  to open in August (Thanks, Ricky!)

25 Episodes That Changed Television

20 everyday tasks that nobody does anymore

The French Town on the Edge of a Giant Hole

Elizabeth Warren's Plan to Pass Her Plans

What to Do If You're Attacked by a Dog

What's Happening at the Border 

Fast Food Items You Should Never Order

Is Uber or Lyft Cheaper? Let's Find Out

Love you, mean it. Let's do lunch. Have your people call my people. Ciao, bella. 
 Skip    ಠ_ಠ

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